Who we are

Futuregardens.london is a forward thinking project developed by gardener and designer Jon Davies and pioneering architect Andreas Christodoulou.

Our vision is that of a world that encourages creativity and practicality while ensuring the protection and veneration of our natural environment. There are many universal advances towards this common goal in all levels of industry; it is our duty as ‘guardians’ of planet earth to ensure that such developments are indeed of a true benefit to the future of our world, our home, planet earth. It is far too easy for us to feel we are on the right track, while our knowledge has been built up on misinformations or underlying personal gains. As thinkers of such grand themes we must first admit our fundamental defeat, that of being human, yet if we move forward with humility and an open heart, where both the scientist and the poet have space to share and analyse in unison then there may be potential for what is a necessary step forward.

This blog site is an exploration of our ideas, research and practical applications as we develop our themes and ethos through design competitions and commercial and private projects within the landscape and architectural arenas in and around London, U.K.


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