Genius Loci


In the very fast paced world we are living in, the natural communion between man and the land has been suppressed beneath paving and manicured lawns.

We aim to discover that these kind of special spaces cannot be created in a very fast rhythm, but one that slowly grows step by step for the better future, developing a deeper more meaningful relationship between the garden and its guardian.

Genius Loci’s roots go way back to the earliest forms of religion, when it was believed that a place has a supernatural being that protects it and anyone entering the place must respect or worship it.

The first ones ever to approach the idea of a spirit of place were the Romans, for whom the words Genius Loci meant the protective spirit of a place.

The concept has developed and become applied to any landscape or place, urban ones being included as well. Its use in urban contexts prevails in the contemporary professional literature.

In classical times it did not mean so much the place itself, but the guardian divinity of that place. Nowadays we use the current version to describe the atmosphere to a place, the quality of its environment. However, we admit that certain places have an appeal which give us a sense of well-being and makes us want to return from time to time.

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